Corporate mentalism

Big bucks in magic/mentalism

Big bucks in magic/mentalism

Corporate warrior DVD

This landmark DVD set by Bill Goldman will instantly become the most important reference for trade show magicians. What makes a Corporate Warrior? Over twenty years of performing thousands of shows for Fortune 500 companies! Bill Goldman has traveled the world performing at trade shows, hospitality suites, sales meetings and after dinner banquets! This special two DVD set documents an incredible Inner Circle trading session between Bill and four working professionals. Bill\'s conversations with Tim Noonan, Brian Irwin, Bram Charles, and Jason Bird tip it all. You\'ll learn the real work that only years on the road could teach you. The guys ask all of the right questions that extract every possible piece of information from the center of Bill\'s brain. It\'s the stuff nobody ever talks about! With a running time of 2 hours and 45 minutes, the two DVD set contains extremely valuable information on scripting, trade show pitches, premiums, length of performance, give-a-ways, stopping traffic, building crowds, marketing, promo videos, payment strategies, and so much more. The presentation is in a refreshing conversational style that is often as hilarious as it is educational and inspiring! Bonus

Trade show demo\'s DVD

Learn the real \"tricks\" of trade show magic. Dick Ryan-a trusted pioneer in the field-shares his incredible wealth of knowledge and experience with you. You can earn more than six figures a year if you apply what\'s on this video. And you\'ll learn it so you\'ll benefit yourself, the corporation and the art of magic. Ideal for jugglers, ventriloquists, mentalists and magicians. Interview 1 - Learn how performers find trade and association bookings. Understand the different opportunities that await. Interview 2 - Dick discusses how to work with an agent, organize brochures and enhance your marketing skills. Trade Show Demonstrations - Learn by example from seven demos. Dick demonstrates magic and relates it to a company\'s product. Watch how he handles a crowd and involves them in his magic. Lecture/Questions & Answers - Dick unselfishly reveals the nuts and bolts of how to exhibit at trade shows, demonstrate difficult products, generate traffic, negotiate fees, request testimonials and much more. Role Playing - Dick shows you how to use the telephone to obtain lists of contacts, close a sale, work a charity event and much more.

Trade show magic DVD

On this double length DVD, you\'ll learn the real work on trade show magic from the legendary figure who literally invented the concept - Eddie Tullock. Eddie has stopped traffic in trade show aisles for more than four decades with nothing more than a deck of cards and some powerful techniques. You\'ll learn the strong effects he uses to hold audiences spellbound and you\'ll learn how to weave a client\'s sales message into your magic - and that\'s the real name of the game! Then, after the magic, Eddie sits down with guest host Michael Ammar to discuss just about everything you need to know about how to get into the demanding but lucrative world of trade show magic.

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