Free mental magic


You show your hands and point out how smooth they are. But, you say that you can cause an odd thing to occur! Ask you friend to light a match and to immediately blow it out. Ask him to gently touch the unlit, smoldering match to your left thumb. Nothing happens... But, then you scream! You show your friend the huge blister on your right thumb! OUCH...!

Crayon galore

You are at a party where you bring out a glass with a bunch of crayons in it. You ask someone to hold the glass and, while your back is turned, to hand you a crayon. You also instruct her to hide the rest of the crayons in the glass behind her back. With the crayon behind your back, you turn to face the audience and through sheer concentration, you divine the color of the crayon you are holding behind you back. This can be repeated several times, too. Color Galore is a great party trick!

Deadley room

A "murder" is committed in a hotel room. You, the detective, draw a 3 x 3 grid and add room numbers in them. The "murderer" (the spectator) places a tiny toy gun on one of the squares. You then hand him a card with instructions on how to move the murder weapon and eliminating a room at a time. After the final move, the murder weapon is in one room. The "murderer" turns over the card and the room number predicted ahead of time is written on the card!

Dicey trick

Effect: With your back turned, you give your friend a pair of dice to roll on the table. He stacks the dice and you write down a prediction on a slip of paper. Then, he totals the three sides not showing. He tells you his total and opens your prediction they match! Simple, and effective!

Elephant from Denmark

You ask someone to think of a special number. Then they think of an animal, a color and a country that corresponds to that special number. You then tell them what they are! It works — most of the time!

Hypno heat II

The original Hypno Heat used chemicals such as mercury that were way too dangerous to use. (In fact, if you are using it now, I would recommend that you stop before you succumb to mercury poisoning.)  This version is quite safe! Effect:  Take a piece of aluminum foil from a stick of gum. You wet the "gum" side and slap it onto your friend's forehead. Tell your friend to think of "hot". You will hypnotize him into thinking that his forehead is burning hot with a fever.  Soon — very soon — he will rip off the foil as it is "red hot" on his skin!

It adds up to 1089

You jot down your "prediction". Using some number calculations, the spectator arrives at the number 1,089. Your prediction and their number matches! What You Need: A piece of paper, a writing instrument and a straight face. Just jot down the number "1,089" on the paper, fold it up and drop it on the table in plain view.

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