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The Message of Mentalism In a culture like ours . . . it is sometimes a bit of a shock to be reminded that, in operational and practical fact, the medium is the message. -Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man (1964) Magic has been a popular form of entertainment for centuries, not because people are inherently fascinated by tricks or because they like to be fooled, but because the figure of the magician remains an unconscious symbol of man\'s triumph over the relentless and impersonal forces of nature. On a conscious level it can kindle a childlike sense of wonder in the most jaded, and inspire the imagination with its implicit question \"What if?\" (Apart from all that, it\'s always been a great way to pick up women.) The message of magic doesn\'t lie in the tricks themselves, but in the sense of wonder and control provided by the character of the magician himself. What, then, is the message provided by the mentalist? The answer, I believe, is what determines if he is a charlatan, an entertainer, or an inspirational motivator. Unfortunately, I cannot provide the answer for you; you have to find it for yourself, within yourself. Just as the true illusion of magic doesn\'t lie in its secrets, the methods and handlings of the mentalist are simply the tools he uses to create his chosen stage persona. Here\'s a suggestion that might help resolve the ethical dilemma of mentalism: You might consider calling yourself a \"mentalist.\" I can\'t think of a single charlatan working today who calls himself that. Do you want to know why? If you look up the word in a modern dictionary you will find that the word has two definitions - it either refers to a nineteenth century school of philosophy, or to \"A stage performer who pretends to read minds.\" The latter pretty much explains why spirit mediums and psychics never refer to themselves as \"mentalists.\" Not that you should read the definition to your audiences... just read it to yourself once in a while and you should be okay. ---from The Black Book of Mentalism, available in the mentalists only area. HOW TO ACCESS THE MEMBERS ONLY AREA Access to the main site is restricted to mentalists who have received new username/password combinations. Those who are seriously involved in mentalism may apply for individual usernames and passwords by filling out the application form at the \"For Mentalist\'s Only\" link. Note that the \"For Mentalists Only\" page has TWO links. If you don\'t have a username and password, you will need to submit an application to go any further, so your only options are to click the \"application\" link or hit your browser\'s \"back\" button and return here. If you already have a username and password, just stay on the page and wait for a few seconds. A flying saucer will arrive to pick you up. Click on the word \"Enter\", climb aboard, and supply your username and password when prompted. You will then be transported to the main site The End of Mentalism As We Know It? There us no question that modern technology poses a problem for mentalism. For example,there are pens available in toy stores that enable kids to draw a calculator and then use it by tapping on the drawn keys. The answers show up on a screen on a pen. Styluses (or is it styli?) on pdi devices can be used to transmit drawings or written words to electronic screens. AUDIENCES TODAY KNOW ABOUT THESE THINGS AND WILL SUSPECT A MENTALIST OF USING THEM EVEN IF HE ISN\'T. At first glance the dilemma appears insurmountable. On closer examination, however, the very advances in technology that appear to spell doom to psychic entertainment, actually offer the mentalist the opportunity to be more convincing than ever. Before you read further - try to resolve this seeming contradiction for yourself

Artful Mentalism Book

It has taken more than twenty years, but Bob Cassidy, a founding member of the Psychic Entertainers\' Association and one of the most influential and colorful creators of modern mentalism, has finally written a worthy successor to The Art of Mentalism! When the latter was first published in 1983, it was immediately recognized as a classic in the field and is on the \"top ten\" lists of many leading mentalists. We predict that this volume will eclipse the acclaim as the first. The first half of the book, reprints his Art of Mentalism 2 (a complete professional performance thoroughly explained), and his four Principia Mentalia volumes. As if that were not enough, the second half gives permanent form to 3 limited distribution manuscripts: Theories and Methods for the Practical Psychic Strange Impressions But Stranger Still

Black Box Cinema DVD

Bob Cassidy is one of the leading mentalists in the field. When he speaks mentalists listen. On this DVD he gives a crash course in mentalism techniques. You will learn techniques using clever subtlety and subterfuge as well as advanced sleight-of-hand. Techniques covered include: The Medium\'s Switch (2 methods), The Al Baker Switch (2 methods), Annemann Switch (2 methods), The Squeeze, The Moldavian Switch, Switch Blade Switch, Microphone Switch, The Impossible Envelope Switch, The Cajones Shuffle, Henry Hay\'s False Waterfall Riffle, Gambler\'s Palm Add-On, Erdnase Bottom Deal, and The Putty Switch. You will also learn Bob Cassidy\'s ESP Envelope Switch which Bob considers the most undetectable switch he ever came up with. It is devious, versatile and practically works itself. Among the highlights of this stylistically produced DVD are the important tips and advice Bob shares about how to perform mentalism. Bob also discusses the stagecraft and psychology used to convince audiences you can read their minds. Special DVD Features: Access to performances, explanations and commentary Product Previews DVD Trailers Dolby Digital sound Encoded for worldwide viewing

Mental Miracles DVD

Bob Cassidy, one of America\'s foremost mentalists, has been a professional entertainer for more than 25 years. Author of The Art of Mentalism, a modern day classic, he has the unique ability to convince any audience that he can read their innermost thoughts, while also amazing and entertaining them in the process. On this DVD/Video Cassidy performs his professional show in front of an amazed audience of mentalists and then explains everything. If you ever wanted to make people believe you can read their minds, you must see this tape. Cassidy teaches many of his original routines and discusses how to structure, present and create a mind reading show. Routines Taught: Chronologue: A predicted card matches what is written in a diary on a freely selected date. New work and psychology including stage and close-up versions. Name/Place Routine: A couple of spectators think of a person and a place and you divine their thoughts. Psychomatic Deck: A spectator looks at a card in the deck and you read their mind, telling them what card they are thinking of. Fourth Dimensional Telepathy: You reveal the name of a childhood friend, the name of a pet, and reproduce a previously drawn illustration. Card Memory: A rapid memorization of a shuffled deck of cards. Techniques Taught: Includes dozens of technical and psychological tips, theories and advice about prop management, pocket management, staging, checkpoints, prop construction, mnemonics, establishing actions, taking advantage of coincidence, prop selections, miscalls, billet preparation, covering of errors, precautionary measures, giving clear instructions, deck stacks, making mentalism credible, and much more. Also includes discussions on how and why the show is structured, getting the whole audience involved, presentational ideas, patter and more. All items are easy to execute and are within anyone\'s reach. After watching this program you will want to be a Psychic Entertainer.

Videoclip Black Box Cinema

Videoclip Black Box Cinema

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