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LARRY BECKER - Internationally acclaimed mentalist, author, lecturer and winner of the prestigious Mentalist of the Year Award. Recipient of the Psychic Entertainers Association Award for outstanding contributions to the Art of Mentalism. Winner of the Milbourne Christopher Foundation Award for outstanding contributions to the Art of Magic. Author of five best selling books on the subject of Mentalism and Magic. A member of The Society of American Magicians Hall of Fame. Awarded the Lederman Award by the Psychic Entertainers Association for outstanding creativity in mentalism. Member of England\'s prestigious Magic Circle MIMC with Gold Star. Larry Becker is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. Following a 35 years career as the creative partner of a large New Jersey advertising agency, Larry retired to Boca Grande, Florida in 1985. In 1990, Larry and his lovely wife April moved to Carefree, Arizona where they now reside. Larry has extensively performed and lectured for over three decades throughout the United States, Canada, England, Europe and the Far East. In March 2000. Larry was inducted into the Society of American Ma-gicians Hall of Fame in Hollywood, California. The Museum of the International Society has honored stars of Magic from Harry Houdini to David Copperfield. Larry\'s display features the equipment he used in the worldwide performances of his death defying Russian Roulette. A prostate cancer survivor, Larry currently presents an entertaining program, \"Expect the Impossible\" which encourages men at risk to have an annual prostate cancer checkup. Larry and his wife, April are co-founders of the Prostate Communication Resource, a non-profit prostate cancer information and education organization -------------------------------------------------------------- \"I had not seen you perform before and attended because of Bob Brown\'s high praise. The praise was not high enough. Your effect on an audience is at once electrifying and at the same time subtle and soothing. Your presence, command and graceful humor is as good as the very best in the business. I hope when I get an additional 35 years of experience I can aspire to your level of skill, talent and audience rapport\" - J. Scott - Sacramento Super Symposium \"You have gone on to become one of the greatest, if not the greatest entertainer of mentalism in the world today. I am really proud of your accomplishments. Indeed the magicians and mentalists of today, tomorrow and the future will forever be indebted to you for your legacy to the art of entertainment\" - Ray Corbin - Past National President, Society of American Magicians., Member of the Magic Hall of Fame \"Your performance was the highlight of the evening. While your effects are excellent, your personality and dramatic presentation were absolutely outstanding! It\'s wonderful to watch the master at work. Thank you again for an inspiring performance, you per-sonify entertainment\" - Society of American Magicians - Tucson, AZ. \"Larry Becker will amaze and amuse you. He\'ll make you think and make you laugh. Using what he calls, \"heightened sensory perception\", he will seem to know what.s on your mind before you yourself know. He will predict with amazing accuracy your actions before you make them. He seems to read with your eyes, hear with your ears and think with your mind. Yet, he shows you that it\'s all explainable by some of the more obscure principles of psychology. And he\'ll show you how this can be part of your everyday life. You\'ll enjoy and remember this unusual and highly entertaining artist\" - EUROPEAN TOUR Review by Fergus Roy in Abracadabra #2262-June \' 89 \"What is it that makes Larry Becker one of the most entertaining men-talists in the world today? Very difficult to answer as he presents his effects casually without dramatics. While the effects are clearly mind blowing and totally inexplicable, they are entertaining because he keeps the mystery, audience involvement and delightful personality in a con-stant and perfect balance. Often he uses two and even three principles in one effect, but it is the boldness and natural misdirection behind a suave facade that really impress. It was a privilege to have seen this master of mentalism at work\" - ARTHUR DAY (Blackpool Lecture in England \"I feel that I must write and thank you personally for the superb lecture which you gave at Blackpool last Friday evening and which I was lucky enough to attend. It was both entertaining and enlightening and an object lesson in itself, on how a lecture should be presented. Everything that you did and showed was professionalism to the extreme\" ( Larry.s note: That evening I was honored to have performed before Australia\'s great magician, \"Murray.\" At that time he was confined to a wheelchair...but his kind praise gave me a thrill I will never forget) - SACRAMENTO SUPER SYMPOSIUM - John Scott \"Your seminar was unique, beautifully done, and more generous than any magical event in my memory. In my performing past I have only occasionally and peripherally used mental \"stuff.\" Having seen the extraordinary impact of your material, I am going to add at least one feature mental item to my shows. I\'m still trying to digest the enormous number of brilliant feats you presented. If the seminar had ended at lunch time I would have felt you gave ten times the price of admission in usable, stunning magic. I also applaud your courage in discussing your cancer and thank you a thousand times for letting us know about the P.S.A. test. I have requested my doctor to arrange one, for I do not want to get sick out of ignorance. Thank you. I had not seen you perform before and attended because of Bob Brown.s high praise. The praise was not high enough. You are the consummate performer. Your affect on an audience is at once electrifying and at the same time subtle and soothing. Your presence, command and graceful humor is as good as the very best in the business. I hope when I get an additional 35 years of experience I can aspire to your level of skill, talent and audience rapport. You turn magic and mentalism into high art. Yes, you entertain admirably, but much more important, you affect people in a deep, wonderful, emotional way. Few performers ever achieve that. I feel fortunate that I got to share in that. Bravo! I must tell you, having seen the very best magicians in the world, I have never, as an audience member actually perspired, as I did during your presentation of Russian Roulette. Larry, I was sweating! That was the most riveting, thrilling demonstration I\'ve seen, bar none. What a tre-mendous pleasure it was to watch you and meet you\" - DONALD BEVAN (Editor of Abra. Review of Bristol, England lecture \"For more than ninety minutes, this was entertainment and capital instruction. Everything that Larry Becker does is highly visual, uses audience participation, is often colorful, or amusing, or stunning, or a combination of all three. Currently on a European tour, Larry can be seen at several venues around England for the next two weeks. If you get a chance, see him. He.s dynamite!\" - STEVE DUSHECK (Magazine article) \"Do you do mentalism? Then be sure to see Larry Becker, Max Maven and Kreskin. They are completely different. A dumb theory we hear about not using playing cards to do mentalism is shattered by these performers. They make their own rules\" - QUINNIPAC COLLEGE LECTURE - Bob Evans \"I attended your lecture at Quinnipac College in Hamden, CT. I.d like to take this opportunity to say that the lecture was one of the most practical I have ever attended. Your presentation proved again that mentalism is the highest, most sophisticated and subtle form of magic\" - DESERT FOOTHILLS WOMAN.S CLUB (Margaret Stewart) \"Undoubtedly you could tell by the response of the 107 ladies in your audience yesterday how delighted they all were with your amazing psychic performance. I\'m sure it.s a reaction you receive over and over again. In the past we sometimes judge Woman.s Club programs by how many ladies left during the performance. In your case, appointment and urgent errands were abandoned as you kept everyone in the palm of your expert hands. Thank you for providing a sensational opening for our new year. And for delightfully confounding the Desert Foothills Woman.s Clu\" - DESERT FOOTHILLS WOMAN.S CLUB NEWSLETTER (Gladys Anderson)

Mental Masterpieces DVD

Larry Becker is considered one of the most creative and respected mentalists in the field. This DVD features Larry performing a 40-minute show in front of a live audience and then explaining the routines, strategies and techniques involved. Although performed on a stage many of the routines are suitable for parlor or close-up work Contains performances and explanations of: H.G. Wells\' Time Machine: An audience member thinks of a year in the seventeenth century and writes it on an envelope containing a modern coin. The coin envelope is held by the audience member and remains in full view throughout. Upon opening the envelope an old pirate coin is found to have the thought of date engraved on it. Proving that the coin went back in time to the thought-of year. Out of Body: A spectator cuts to any card, removes it and places it in his pocket. The rest of the deck is placed back in the box and held by the spectator. With no hesitation you can immediately name the selected card with one-hundred percent accuracy. Casino Royale: One of Larry Becker\'s most popular and favorite routines where a spectator randomly selects one of fifty casino chips, a handful of bills and two playing cards. A prediction envelope, which has been in full view the entire time, is opened and inside is predicted the name of the casino, how much money was taken and the Blackjack hand selected by the spectator. Kolossal Killer III: A streamlined version of a marketed routine where a thought-of card is revealed by removing a prediction from your wallet that has been held by the spectator the entire time. Clearly Predictable: Prior to the show a spectator is handed a prediction envelope and the classified section of a newspaper. She is instructed to circle any ad and initial her choice. She also removes a bill from her purse and initials it. An audience member then selects a playing card from a jumbo deck. In rapid succession the selection is revealed printed on the newspaper and when the prediction envelope is opened it reveals the exact wording of the selected classified ad and the serial number of the initialed bill. Calendar Caper: A sealed prediction reveals the month a spectator was born and his favorite card. Ultimate Flashback: Larry\'s Becker\'s marketed effect where a series of mind-reading feats are performed using books and thought-of words. (performance only).

Standing Ovation DVD

Larry Becker is an internationally acclaimed mentalist, author and inventor. On this DVD you will have the chance to witness a live show during which Larry performs some of his most jaw-dropping mental magic, including a new version of his reputation making Russian Roulette. You will then be taught the routines that have gained him worldwide acclaim. Contains performances and explanations of: Tri-Coinetic: Three envelopes each contain a different coin. An audience member names what coin he thinks is in each sealed envelope. When the envelopes are opened the named coins are dumped out. Visual Aid: A spectator holds a twenty-dollar bill while you read their mind and write down the serial number of the borrowed bill. Phantasm Supreme: An audience member thinks of one of nine celebrities pictured on a board. A previously sealed wallet is opened to show an electronic voice recorder. When the spectator presses the play button the voice names the thought of celebrity. Here, There & Everywhere: A thought-of card is removed from the deck, signed and sealed in an envelope. A second spectator selects a card from the deck. The selected card changes into a joker, the second spectator\'s card is in the sealed envelope and the original signed selection is found in the zippered compartment of your wallet. Some Total-Stage: An envelope containing a prediction is handed to a spectator prior to the show. Spectators each name a one-digit number. The six digits are written on a board. The prediction envelope contains a series of four five-digit numbers. The numbers are written on a board, added together and the total matches the random numbers yelled out by the audience. Russian Roulette: Larry Becker\'s world-renown Russian Roulette routine where he risks his life by allowing one of three guns to be fired toward his head. One of the pistols is empty the others are loaded. (Performance only-not suitable for children).

Stunners Plus Book

Larry Becker\'s magnificent opus, Stunners! was first published in 1992. In 1993 at the Society of American Magicians annual convention in New Orleans, Mr. Becker received the coveted Milbourne Christopher Foundation Literary Award for this Outstanding Contribution to the Art of Mentalism and Magic. Now, after ten years, not only may you enjoy this original masterly work, you\'ll also be able to delve into the many variations, improvements and new effects that were created during the decade following the publication of Stunners! In addition, this exciting new book also includes the instructions and presentations for many of Larry\'s commercially produced effects. Stunners! Plus! contains the more than fifty effects from the original Stunners! including Larry\'s original presentation of his death defying \"Russian Roulette.\" A total over over 100 killer mental routines with books, coins, paper currency, cards, pencils and pens, watches, newspapers, boxes, props, no props, and so much more. Some of the most baffling entertaining, mental effects ever created, all bearing the Becker hallmarks of maximum entertainment potential and simplicity. These inexplicable mysteries, complete with presentations, will catapult you to a higher plateau as an entertainer. Stunners! Plus! is also packed with major improvements to such effects as Casino Royale, Ultimate Flashback, Serial Killer, Sneak Thief and so many other powerful effects created over the decade following the original Stunners! release. And, as if all this wasn\'t enough, imagine peering into the inner workings of Larry\'s many commercial effects, including: Chameleon Chest, Versadex, Blockbuster, Incredible, Insight Wallets, Psiclops, Casino Light, Zenneristic and more. The Stunners! material has been completely re-typeset and all of the original art and illustrations have been preserved and upated. Stunners! Plus! is a must-have for mentalists from amateur to professional and for magicians who want to make the transition, there\'s no better place to start.

Sunshine Boys Lecture DVD

This DVD includes six entertaining routines with detailed explanations presented for a live audience from two camera views! Also included are hilarious out-takes, and extra free performance material in PDF format. Contents Include: Larry\'s Ace Revisited - Reveal a word from an unprepared dictionary, on a page your audience selects! Lee\'s Tender Touch - Show an uncanny ability to \'balance\' the known and the unknown! Larry\'s Out of Body II - Disclose all the cards taken from an audience-shuffled deck, then repeat with a single card under test conditions! Lee\'s Corner Pocket - A classic method updated, predicts the winner in a game of 8-Ball pool. Larry\'s Cardology - A printed letter reveals a participant\'s choice of a month, a number, and a playing card only HE is thinking of! Lee\'s Question & Answer - This is the one he uses when performing for high-dollar corporate audiences; it\'s quick, effective, and the audience does the work!

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