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Earle is a platform professional (mentalist) with over 35 years of experience bringing a unique perspective and a new way of thinking to your audience. Highlighting the incredible capabilities of the human mind, Lee\'s presentations demystify and energize our untapped resources and mental potential. Develop Your Power Memory Spend just 60 minutes with mentalist Lee Earle and be amazed at what your mind can accomplish! Usually, \"bad memory\" is just imperfect recall. Learn easy Power Memory techniques to help you organize, visualize, and prioritize. This one-hour seminar presentation is also available in a 2 to 4 hour workshop format. Awaken Your E.S.P.* (*Essential Silent Partner) Recently published research demonstrates the folly of ignoring, denying, or scoffing at one of our most valuable resources. Call it \"hunch\", \"gut feeling\", or \"an inner voice\", our intuition is now being acknowledged by the scientific community as a powerful personal tool. In this keynote presentation, Lee Earle gives examples of intuition in action and supplies a step-by-step program for developing and enhancing this natural capability we all share. Treat your associates to a mind-opening experience which has the potential to literally and figuratively change their minds. Your Puzzling Mind This entertaining program highlights our latent abilities of perception and intuition in an engaging way that audiences will remember forever. Lee Earle blends techniques borrowed from the psychologist, the showman, and the motivational speaker to provide an exciting, topical, and unique entertainment package. You get audience participation, good clean fun, and an experience you will remember forever. Because, you won\'t believe your mind! Why Don\'t We Listen to Our Children\'s Stories? In this motivational keynote, Lee reacquaints his audience with the stories we tell our children and illustrates how we all might benefit from taking their lessons to heart. Revisit: \"The Little Engine That Could\" to reinforce goal setting and tenacity; \"Dumbo\" for inspiration about self-belief and overcoming obstacles; \"Horton the Elephant\" to remind of duty and responsibility; plus many more. Put MAGIC in Your Speaking! A program designed for N.S.A. chapter meetings and speaker academies, this presentation shares the secrets professional magicians use to charm and entertain their audiences.

MIND book for mentalists

Lee Earle has spent a lifetime in the trade. He has earned his \'chops\' as a performer, author of multiple books, columnist for the Society of American Magician\'s M-U-M magazine, editor of SYZYGY-The Journal of Contemporary Mentalism, publisher of books by authors Richard Mark and Larry Becker, creator and medium for Manifestations-The Ultimate Seance and originator of trademark Mentalism props, routines and concepts. As recipient of the Psychic Entertainers Association Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Art of Mentalism, Lee Earle is acknowledged as one of the men who have changed the face of Mentalism forever. Now, the bulk of his creativity is assembled in this single, significant book. Over two decades of \"outside the box\" thinking from one of the most prolific minds in mentalism plus nearly all of Lee\'s published writings from the past twenty years-more than fifty routines, including many of his limited release commercial items-are literally within your grasp. Included with each copy is a CD-Rom (Windows and Macintosh compatible) containing the necessary Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF files for producing a number of full-color, professionally designed props and promotional materials on your personal inkjet or laser printer. You get multiple templates for Sun Signs, more ready-to-print masters for the complete SuperScript materials and cards, Topologo\'s colorful single-page layout, color photographs and enlarged \'newspaper clipping\' for Bascom Jones\' Dark Memory, celebrity handwriting samples to use with an evocative Pretellus presentation, and full-size color copes of genuine stock certificates for the very contemporary Taking Stock. BONUS: The CD-Rom also contains a thought-provoking interview with Lee Earle, conducted by the esteemed Dr. Juris, in which Lee discusses the distinctions between mental magic and Mentalism, the critical elements necessary for a successful performance, tips on how to present Mentalism to skeptical audiences and much, much more.

Q&A teach in DVD set

Introduction Learn the basic premise of the Question & Answer presentation plus classic methods for building your killer routine. One Ahead Explore the ins and outs of this old standby method and discover how to make it fresh and entertaining for your audiences. Pre-Show More professional tips on the psychology of pre-show information gathering and some utility props that make your life easier. Multipliers Discover the secrets of leveraging your information to amaze them by revealing things that they never write down! Presentation A working pro\'s tips and techniques for helping make your routine more effective by connecting emotionally to your audience. Performance Solid advance for how to get the most out of this dynamic presentation for all audiences, large and small. Running Time Approximately 1hr 9min SuperScript is the ideal solution for performing a Question and Answer routine based on a believable premise: graphology and handwriting analysis. You\'ll need no clipboards or impression devices nor will you be required to do any \'pre-show\' work. The method is clean, can be performed close-up or on the largest stage, and leaves a souvenir brochure in the hands of everyone whose question is answered. Previously, SuperScript has been available only as a premium-priced package of specially printed brochures and a VHS instructional video. With today\'s ubiquity of desktop computers, those custom folders are as close as your inkjet printer and are easily personalized for your own purposes. This Teach-In includes every second of the original SuperScript video, reemastered and chaptered for DVD, plus access to the necessary files in .pdf format for you to produce your own supplies, as you need them, using 8.5 x 11-inch, ink-jet cover weight paper (index card stock). Running Time Approximately 45min EZ-Q&A\'s weave of multiple methods is both brilliant in concept and absolutely mind-boggling in impact. First introduced by Bruce Bernstein, this killer idea has been honed to a sharp edge, fine tuned, and polished to perfection by Mentalism\'s Maestro, Lee Earle. It\'s perfect for banquet audiences because everything is so delightfully simple. Pencils and little white cards (reproduced from the free .pdf file on your ink-jet printer) are distributed among the audience who are asked to jot down a word, make a sketch, or write a thought. An innocent audience helper gathers all the cards and holds them until your routine begins. You place the packet on his upturned hand, he takes a card, views the hidden information, and you amazingly reveal every detail - plus, you can instantly return that card to the person in the audience from whom it came! Repeat with up to 5 cards, each revelation more impossible than the one before it, with a fabulous drawing duplication finish! This DVD includes (as background) Lee Earle\'s highly acclaimed Q&A Lecture at the 2005 MindVention (amateur video), an excerpt on Q & A from the DVD The Sunshine Boys, plus new details, handlings, and secrets from his personal repertoire. Running Time Approximately 1hr 10min

Syzygy book for mentalists

Over 200 Routines: Impromptu - Close-up - Platform 80 pages of Professional & Promotional Supplements More than 400 photos and professional illustrations Mentalism has a colorful history of cutting edge periodicals such as The Jinx, The Invocation, and Magick and since 1995, SYZYGY has been the premier publication for Mentalists. Editor Lee Earle screened thousands of potential contributions to give subscribers the very best in Contemporary Mentalism. Now the first five volumes are reproduced in a single, hard cover book! The index alone fills ten pages, listing material by category, contributor, and by title. Includes CD-ROM! CD-ROM contains many images right from the book in full color and high resolution PDF format!

Syzygy\'s Best DVD-set

Volume One Contents Include: Deep Sea Digits by George St. James: AN impressive demonstration of \"super recall\" that is easy to accomplish with no memorization Destiny\'s Destination by Richard Mark: A triple prediction with loads of laugh potential that leaves \'em scratching their heads! Running the Numbers by Chris Hurlburt: Your audience picks out the winning numbers on a genuine Lotto ticket! Guessin\' Gumballs by Jack Bean: Can anyone guess the exact number of gumballs in a huge transparent jar? You bet! Himelrick Maneuver by David Himelrick: Use the power of imagination to draw an image that exists only in someone\'s mind! Keys Royale by Lee Earle: Intuition finds the one key among seven that opens the ungimmicked Lock - no key switches! Volume Two Contents include: Bold & Beautiful by Ted Karmilovich: Predictions actually written before your performance name randomly selected celebrities, cities, and objects. I.Q. Chart by Earl Keyser: A participant thinks of a word one letter at a time and the performer quickly learns the very same word. Whenever-Anywhere by Ty Kralin: From any book, random words are read aloud and one is secretly chosen and yet the performer spells the word. Dream Design by John Riggs: An image from a woman\'s recent dream is one of dozens pre-drawn on index cards - and the card bears her name! Quintuple by Dave Arch: Using verbal control, the mind reader influences random choices to guarantee the outcome - even miles away! Picture Show by Leo Boudreau: People visualize \'postcard scenes\' and with no forces, questions, or fishing, the performer describes each one. Volume Three Contents include: Deli Delight by Andy Leviss: Performer has a sandwich in a lunch bag. A participant describes his favorite sandwich. They are the same! Option Call by Paul Green: Deal cards in to a person\'s hands, add or remove cards as directed, until one card is left - it\'s the one you predicted Par for the Course by Danny Archer: A spectator fills in a scorecard for an imaginary round of golf and adds up the strokes - they are exactly what you foretold. Dowsing Duplicates by T.J. Osborn: Take 6 business cards, tear them in half, spread the pieces face down. Unerringly, audience finds matching halves. Compelling Key by John Riggs: Using a padlock as a pendulum, you locate the only one of 7 hidden keys that opens the ungimmicked lock. Midway Dream by E. Raymond Carlyle: Participants play make-believe carnival games to win plush animals when they duplicate your predicted scores!

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